ride the depression wave

Depression Tips ~ Ride the Wave Without Being Pulled Under

Depression, anxiety, and worry can get in the way of fully living. They’re also a way of telling us we need to focus on different goals, slow down, or seek what soothes our burdened hearts. No matter what issues we are going through, no matter how determined we are to …

existential ellaDepression Tips ~ Ride the Wave Without Being Pulled Under
Be Compassionate

How to Be Compassionate When Someone Acts Like a Big Jerk

One of my biggest struggles is being consistently compassionate. It’s hard to admit. I’m not proud of my tendency to be judgmental and snarky in the face of opposition. Especially when this kind of attitude doesn’t fit in with how I picture my best self behaving. When I’m riding my …

existential ellaHow to Be Compassionate When Someone Acts Like a Big Jerk
being your best self

Being Your Best Self

When you picture your ideal self, what characteristics does that person embody? Are you shining with vibrant light, experiencing a great sense of peace and courageously taking chances? Do you have great patience and understanding? Do you dazzle your friends with your sense of humor and give generously of all …

existential ellaBeing Your Best Self
Stop Beating Yourself Up

Stop Beating Yourself Up – Create Your Inner Reality

To accomplish goals, and make dreams come true, requires commitment, focus and confidence. Without commitment, you will be a shining star, that will soon explode. Without focus, you’re in it for the long run, but are wasting time, split in too many directions. Without confidence, you won’t believe you can …

existential ellaStop Beating Yourself Up – Create Your Inner Reality
featured image manipulate post

Stop Dating Losers

Manipulation – The word might make you picture psychotic murderers, or a person with evil intent. Really, manipulation is used in our everyday society, and by each of us, to some extent. Advertising, convincing your baby the mashed peas are delicious by making a yummy yummy noise, even false eyelashes …

existential ellaStop Dating Losers
I was a terrible receptionist

I Was a Terrible Receptionist

I’ve held a variety of positions, in a number of offices, some of them tolerable, none of them desirable. My least favorite of all was always receptionist. Want to drive an intelligent person completely insane? Make them work in an office, and chain them to their desk while you’re at …

existential ellaI Was a Terrible Receptionist

You Make a Difference – My Kindergarten Teacher

That well-known saying, “Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten,” is mostly true for me. Except, everything I needed to know, I learned from my kindergarten teacher throughout my adolescence. My adoptive family came to me one day, when I was six, and asked me if I wanted …

existential ellaYou Make a Difference – My Kindergarten Teacher